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Key Stage 4 (Year 10 – 11)

Key Stage 4 (Year 10 - 11)

Maths, English, Science tuition

During Key Stage 4, we know how crucial these years are and so tuition will focus on GCSEs.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

We understand the stress that your child will be facing in preparation for these exams, and our tutors will do their very best to support them and provide the resources they need to supplement their studies.

We teach the core subjects for GCSEs and will help your child to fully understand the syllabus, develop revision techniques and prepare well for their exams.

Here at Ideal, we will be able to provide FREE Mock Exams in a mock-exam setting to help your child be able to practise using their time efficiently, improve knowledge and get used to exam conditions to alleviate stress.

Overall, our tutors will help prepare your child both mentally and academically for their GCSEs. So enrol them now at Ideal Centre to help them succeed in their GCSEs, which will prepare them for their further studies!

We prepare our students for the GCSE exams.