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About us

About Us

What makes us the best Ideal tuition Centre?​

Ideal Center for Tuition was founded in January 2018 by Mrs. Sajia Farah and Mr. Jummer Hossain with the main aim of providing the best quality affordable teaching service to students all around the UK. With 15 years of educational experience and several textbooks published, we are passionate about inspiring students to achieve their potential and apply these skills beyond educational settings.

Ideal Centre For Tuition |Tuition Centre | affordable teaching service
Ideal Centre For Tuition | private tuition centre | affordable teaching service

At the moment, our teaching centre are based in Stepney Green and Hull, and planned to expand ourselves with our already diverse community of staff and students. All of us are committed to a fun, engaging but practical approach to teaching, as we believe this is the foundation for achieving the best results.

Overall, we will serve your child with a strong commitment to regular self-assessment, feedback reports to parents, staff training, research, and development on how we can provide even more support to them. 

Your child’s education and development are duties that must be met, so join us at Ideal Centre, where we can give you the ideal headstart for your child’s future.