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Year 2

Year 2

SATs Exam Preparation (Year 2)

Year 2

Is your child struggling to prepare for the SATs exams?

Are they scared or nervous of completing their first ever exams?

Well, here at Ideal, we are committed to helping your child to build confidence as well as knowledge for their exams.

The KS1 SATS officially assess your child’s Maths and English abilities.

    • English reading: 2 papers
    • Mathematics: 2 papers
  • English grammar, punctuation & spelling (optional): Two papers

We will support your child in the following ways:

  • Teach and consolidate relevant content.
  • Breakdown difficult concepts to make it easier to grasp.
  • Help practise handwriting skills.
  • Help build confidence to reduce exam stress.
  • Try out practise papers to see their strengths and give them feedback.

So, join us now at Ideal to help your child prepare themselves not only for their exams but their transition to KS2!