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Our Goals

Our tuition centre Goals

What is our Tuition Centre goal?

  • Provide quality tuition to help students achieve their personal best.
  • Encourage students to aspire higher with their educational goals.
  • Encourage students to work on retrieving, understanding, and putting into practice what we teach.
  • Build confidence in their studies, not just through grades but also by actively participating in lessons.
  • Provide daily feedback, so they can record and reflect on their grades.
  • Build practice in answering examinations, so they become confident and proficient learners.
Ideal Centre For Tuition |Tuition Centre|
Ideal Centre For Tuition |Tuition Centre|

Ideal students are ...

I – Independence. They are motivated to learn, take pride in doing their personal best, and are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. 

D- Development. They recognise their needs, ask for help and are curious.

E – Engagement. They are attentive, responsive, and proactive in their lessons.

A- Attitude. They are positive and they don’t give up and instead welcome challenges.

L – Leader. They learn from their mistakes, always seek knowledge to improve themselves and help others as well to reach their collective goals.