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Step 1  :

Book an appointment:

For admission information please email or you can contact us on our phone number . Our admission team will then contact you with the details you need. After the discussions they will arrange a face to face meeting with a member of our team .  

Step 2 :

Initial assessment from Ideal Centre For Tuition

Prior to enrolment an initial assessment test will be taken for your child. This will be a free assessment test to see the students current level of understanding and which area needs more attention. Then the tutors will start from the areas of weakness. 

Step 3 :

Discuss the results

After the assessment , the tutors will mark the tests & inform the parents about the results. 

Step 4 :

Enrolment procedures

During the enrolment we try to  know all the details from the students i.e which sets they are in , what are  their progress in the school. After the assessment , we will go ahead with the assessment test results. There will be a discussion with the parents if their test results show a lower level than what they are studying in school right now. After that we will start from that level so that there is no gap in their learning. Comparably, if their assessment test shows that they are above their level in the school then we try to make them more focused which can lead them to achieve early GCSE or A-Levels. We use our own materials alongside with schools  so that the students get more chances to practice each topic.

Step 5 :

Timetable, class schedule & number of lessons assigned In this step we will set up a timetable according to the lessons required in each subject with the parents. With the availability of the students then the class schedule will be fixed. In our tuition each lesson consists of 2 hours for each subject . Then the lessons will be assigned to the student.

Step 6 

Fee payment and start of tuition

After the setup of the timetable , the fees need to be paid in advance , then your child will start the tuition Once the payments are done, parents will receive login details from our own online portal where they will get each lesson’s update & test records. Also, they can communicate with teachers if needed.