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A-Levels (Year 12 – 13)

A-Levels (Year 12 – 13)

All major subjects

Special offer for A Levels students 
Weekdays 7:00pm to 9:00pm £10/hour 

We know how crucial it is for your child to do well in their A-Levels, so that they can choose the university that they want.

Achieve your highest potential!

A-Levels are the primary qualification needed to be met in order to be enrolled in UK universities. Even if your child decides not to proceed to university, it is still essential to have excellent A-Level qualifications to make you stand out. It demonstrates advanced understanding and opens doors to better future prospects.

We understand that this is a lot of pressure for your child and so our tutors will help them achieve their potential under an encouraging environment. We want your child to go beyond their target grades to fully secure their place at university or an apprenticeship they want to embark on.

Here at Ideal Centre, we teach a range of popular A-Level subjects, where our experienced tutors will give them a personalised study and lesson plan to ensure that your child is organised and ready for these crucial exams.

Enrol now and help your child as they progress further and closer to adult life, where they can build on not only their study skills but their independence, confidence and responsibility!